Aidan Birhanu Miller Robinson

Thursday, July 7, 2011


Aidan Birhanu Miller Robinson

Birhanu = bir-hahn-you


I know that this post is WAY overdue. If you've been waiting anxiously for pics of our little guy, then I apologize and I'm also a bit impressed that you're still checking in with us. I know now why so many of the blogs that I follow only have one or two posts a month after the kids arrive. Finding time to shower or eat is hard, let alone blog. As we settle down into a routine (hah, what's that?!?), I'm going to try to update more often. For now, though here's some things about Aidan.

  • Aidan's 11 months old (he'll be one year on the 29th of this month)

  • He's a happy baby who normally wakes up with a smile on his face first thing in the morning

  • He loves his mommy and daddy, but mostly daddy. They're the best of buds.

  • He has a belly laugh that will make you want to eat him up.

  • He's extremely ticklish, which usually is how we get him to do the belly laugh. :)

  • He's a good sleeper. He falls asleep usually between 8 and 9pm, wakes up at around 4am for a diaper change and bottle and then falls back asleep until around 7am.

  • He LOVES to eat. He eats 5-6 containers of baby food a day (1-2 fruits mixed with cereal for breakfast, a veggie mixed with cereal and fruit for lunch, and veggie with cereal and fruit for dinner) along with 20-28 ounces of formula per day. He'll eat anything, but his favorite is sweet potatoes and pears with cinnamon.

  • Until about a week ago, he did not like table food AT ALL, but he's slowly learning that it's pretty good. He now loves pizza, Gerber puffs (eats these all the time), and cheese.

  • He loves bath time and swimming, actually he just loves the water in general. He splashes and tries to put his face in. He laughs hysterically everytime that he splashes himself in the face. He's fearless in the water. We took him to the pool and he tried to crawl out until the water was neck deep. Crazy!

  • He will wave at everyone, and is learning to blow kisses, but he only wants to be held by Mommy and Daddy. When we leave the room- even for a second-he starts to cry.

  • He's started screaming when he wants something, usually food. I'm teaching him sign-language. He knows the sign for "more" and "all done". We're working on "food" and "milk" now.

  • He says "mama", "dada" (I believe he's starting to associate these with Liam and me), "baba", "nana".

  • He mimics EVERYTHING!

  • He likes his stroller and ergo, but mostly just wants to be on Mom or Dad's hip.

  • He reaches for Liam and I to pick him up.

  • He's crawling all over the place, can pull himself up, and stand with one hand anchoring him. The other day, he actually stood all on his own for about 10 seconds. He cruises all around the livingroom.

  • He's starting to get brave and will crawl out of the room that Liam and/or I am in, turn around to smile at us, and crawl back.

  • He claps at random things. :)

  • He has two teeth on the bottom, three on top, with one more coming through on the top.

  • He gums most everything.

  • He has the most beautiful, smooth skin; bright brown eyes; delicious, kissable lips; soft ringlets; and little button nose. He's perfect!

  • In the last month, I have laughed more than I have in my entire life. He's a complete blessing and has captured not only mine and Liam's hearts, but everyone that has met him. We love you, Aidan!