Aidan Birhanu Miller Robinson

Friday, September 10, 2010

I'm thinking maybe....


So I've been looking at the referral database at the HoltEthiopiaFamilies yahoo group. Not everyone that is adopting through Ethiopia is a member of this group, but many people are. There is an area where you can put your waitlist number, the date that you were told that you were this number, and what gender/age you are requesting. Since we're number 9, we're close to the top. There are at least 3 families ahead of us that are requesting a boy, while another 3 are requesting either gender (like us). The families that are requesting boys will get the first boy referrals. Therefore, the rest of us that are requesting either gender, will get either a boy or a girl (depending on which comes up first). Since 3 families will definitely receive boys, there is a good possibility that we may get a girl.

It's funny...We were told in the beginning that if we don't specify whether we want a boy or a girl, then more than likely, we will get a boy. This is because, for some reason, most Americans and Europeans that adopt from Ethiopia want a girl. All of this time in the back of my mind, I've been thinking of our child as a boy. Now, there's a good possibility that it's a girl!

Either way, we're excited! We have no girl name picked out, of course (we've had a boy name in mind for months, years even), and I've had my mind on things to decorate the nursery if it's a boy. But when I always thought as a young girl of the children that I would someday have, I always believed that I would have a girl first. Maybe, but then again, maybe not!
Of course, if it is a girl, I think Jakey will kill us. First, he has to contend with Ava (my sister is due in early November) being a girl and now maybe his cousin too. Poor kid!


  1. Thanks Ali. I saw your recent pictures of Ade. He's SO cute. Liam and I are very excited for you, Joe and your family.