Aidan Birhanu Miller Robinson

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Our layover in Germany...

Liam and I had an AMAZING time in Ethiopia. We had mixed feelings about leaving. On one hand, we knew we were leaving Aidan behind, but we knew that this was an inevitable step to bringing him home. At one point, I told Liam that I felt like with every second we were getting further and further from our son, but he reminded me that we were actually closer to bringing him home now. We were feeling pretty down about leaving and were NOT looking forward to the 10 hour layover in Frankfurt, Germany. They have a nice airport there, but there's only so much time that we can waste between flights. We checked and since American citizens are not required to have a visa to visit Germany, we decided to do a bit of sightseeing. Here's some pictures we took. Oh, funny story, Liam is usually warm by nature and since we were visiting Ethiopia during their summer, he only packed shorts and t-shirts (with a pair of pants for court). We packed all of our clothes that we weren't wearing in our checked luggage on the way home. So, Liam had to buy a sweater at the airport to avoid freezing in the winter air of Germany. I think he was the only person walking around the city in shorts! If Germans didn't think Americans were crazy before, they definitely do now. I tried to tell them that Liam is Irish (sorry all our Irish friends and relatives), but I don't think it helped. :)

Isn't my hair gorgeous? What can I say, it was windy and COLD!!!!!!


  1. i am so excited for you...hope time goes is hard to have to be patient...wish we had still been in germany to show you around for a few..

  2. Thanks Jill,
    I forgot that you guys lived in Germany. Rats!!!! That would have been fun. :)