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Monday, March 28, 2011

Prayer Request

I've been putting off updating my blog until after I've got caught up with posts about our trip. I've been on Spring Break this past week, so I haven't posted anything new in a while, but there is urgent and terrible news so I am requesting prayer from all that are inclined to do so.

There has been TONS of startling news of changes with both MOWCYA and the United States Embassy. While the news that was circulating about changes in the daily case load that MOWCYA is prepared to handle has SO FAR not come to fuition, we are smack dab in the middle of the changes that our embassy is proposing. This, of course, means possible HUGE delays for us.

We were within a month or two of bringing Aidan home when we got an email from our adoption agency on Friday that told us about the changes and which families will be affected. I think we've whethered every change possible in the last year with the Ethiopian program. I was beginning to believe that we could finally see the light at the end of the tunnel, when...WHAM! Here we go again.

I'm purposely being a bit vague about the changes, because one, we were asked by our agency not to post this information on a blog or on Facebook, and two, it deals with Aidan's story, so it is his to share when and if he chooses to one day.

Right now, the information that I can share with you is that the Ethiopian government and our embassy are at a crossroads on some paperwork that the embassy is requesting. Until they come to a compromise, our case and MANY others will not be submitted to the embassy for permission to bring Aidan home. Good news, Aidan is legally our son. Bad news, we can't bring him home yet.

Please pray for both sides to reach a quick solution and that all parties involved will open their ears and hearts so that a compromise will be made. We ask for God speed in reaching a compromise quickly, so that we can return to Ethiopia soon and bring our son home. I am choosing to put faith in God and trust in His perfect understanding of the situation. I know that all sides, including us, just want to make sure that each child being adopted is done so in an ethical, legal manner. We know that Aidan will come home in God's timing. We're praying that that timing is soon. Thanks everyone.

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