Aidan Birhanu Miller Robinson

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Embassy Clearance!!!!

The news that we have been hoping and praying for is finally here and it came in the form of a very short email waiting for me when I awoke this morning...We're approved by the U.S Embassy to travel to bring Aidan home!!!!!!

I immediately called my parents and emailed some friends and, of course, posted it on Facebook for my 500 nearest and dearest. I emailed Jenn and Stephanie when I got to school to see when our appointment date might be. Jenn emailed me back to say that May 23rd is full, but they are trying to get us an appointment for May 30th. This would mean that we'd be leaving sometime the week of May 22nd- two weeks!!!!!

I'm so thrilled and happy and nervous and overwhelmed and FREAKED OUT! Finally, what we have wanted more than anything for the past year and a half (and in truth, for the past 5+ years since we began trying to have a child) is here! We're going to bring our child home in 2-3 weeks! Aidan is coming home, finally, he's coming home! I can't believe it!!!!!

Praise God!!!!!! Aidan we're coming with all the love in the world guiding us on our way! Mommy and Daddy are finally on our way to bring you home!!!!

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