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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Niagara Falls

We're in Niagara Falls this weekend. I bought one of my first purchases for the baby's nursery, though I still don't if we're getting a boy or girl. Now that we're number 12 on the list (did I mention that), I'm getting more excited. I bought a giraffe and elephant. If it's a boy, I'm planning on a safari theme...if it's a girl, I'm thinking butterflies. My new find joins an african/black doll made from stockings and an afgan that my mom bought at a craft festival last year. Below is a picture of the african doll, giraffe and elephant. The teddy bear is from Walt Disney Land in California. It says "Baby's first Disney Bear." I bought it on a school-sponsored business trip a few years back. Nichole (my sister) was pregnant with her first child at the time. Since there was some speculation as to whether she was expecting twins, I bought two (secretly, I hoped that I would get to keep one for when we had our first child). Anyway, one went to Jake and FINALLY, we're able to put the other in our child's nursery.

I forgot to mention that our social worker, Judy, thought we would know something by the end of summer. Technically, it's still summer. Adam Horton, who adopted his little boy, Malachi, from Ethiopia said that the call could come any day. They were #9 when they got their referral. I can't wait to finally see our litte guy/gal. It's going to be amazing!

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