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Friday, August 27, 2010

Fortune Cookie Wisdom

The best fortune cookie I ever read was "God gave us memory so that we may have roses in December". I guess it caught my eye because, for a fortune cookie, it was fairly philosophical. I'm used to the vague astrology-sounding fortunes. You know, the ones that make you smile, but then get tossed in the trash soon after. I still have this one. In fact its taped to the lunch menu in my classroom, though I'm not sure why I chose that particular spot.

When I read that sentence, I pictured a poet hunched over at his writing desk, committed to ridding the world of cheesy fortunes. I guess the flip-side of this, and probably closer to the truth, is that some down-on-his-luck writer is reduced to scribbling a few lines that then get stuffed into a pastry to make a living. However, he (or she) made me ponder his words and I guess even life for a moment so I figured that was worth holding onto it. Well done, fortune man! But I'm digressing.

Last night, Nichole (my sister), her husband, Jason, and their kids, Jake and Ella (the two best kids in the world, but I may be a bit biased) joined me for dinner at our local Chinese restaurant. My sister is 7 months pregnant and when she opened her fortune it read, "a tiny, little package will be arriving shortly". We had a laugh, because both Jake and Ella were BIG babies. Jake weighed in at 9.5 and Ella, born 2 weeks early, was around 8.11. Jason and Nicki don't make "tiny, little" babies.
Eager to see if mine was as whimsically funny, I hastily cracked it open... "Good things come in small packages. One is coming to you." I know what your thinking, our mystery poet/fortune man is fixated on small packages. This may be true, but it still made me smile. I think I'll hang it next to its predecessor. Fortune man is on a roll.

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