Aidan Birhanu Miller Robinson

Thursday, October 7, 2010

A bit of speculation...

So this is COMPLETE speculation, but I think we may unofficially be number 5 on the waitlist. On Tuesday, I read on the new Holt Ethiopian blog that they had received 5 children (releases) in their care center (3 of which are waiting children=special needs, so that leaves 2 for the regular referral list). Then yesterday, one of the families that was number 2 on the waitlist came forward to say that they had received a referral on Monday. They had specified that they wanted a boy or twins (their referral was for a 5 month old boy). The family that was in front of them (#1) also specified that they want a boy. So, I'm thinking, if number 2 got a referral for a boy, then number 1 must have also, because they had the same criteria. If the other referral would have been for a girl, then the boy referral would have gone to the first family. So, if 2 referrals have been given out this week, then that means that we're number 5! Yeah!!!! Let's pray this is the case. I'll find out our "official" number at the end of next week when they update the list.


  1. good luck. we have our fingers crossed for you.ohhhh, the agony (joy!)of waiting and wondering...

  2. I like your investigative work! That would make us #18 then!! Thank you for sharing!

  3. Thanks everyone. This is really getting exciting, but nerve-wrecking too! I can't believe that I can feel so overwhelmed and anxious, but then so impatient all at the same time.

    Carin, I think I should apply for an P.I. license after all of this. Good luck!