Aidan Birhanu Miller Robinson

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

What do you think?

I'm trying to choose the bedding for Aidan's nursery. I know that I want his theme to be Africa/Safari, but I'm having trouble choosing the actual bedding. What do you think? Which is your favorite?


Baby Cocoa

African Dreams

*Right now, my favorites are Sahara and African Dreams (first and third). Choices, Choices...It's hard being so indecisive!


  1. Very sweet! The nesting is happening! We are doing Lions and how perfect since these little guys are Leos. I like the 3rd choice the most, but they are all very sweet.

  2. I know...this is SO much fun! I love lions and it is so fitting that they both of our little guys are Leos. I had the last one picked out about a year ago (when we started the adoption process), but now I'm beginning to waffle a bit. I just want everything to be perfect. That will last for about the first 5 minutes!

  3. I like Baby Cocoa- #2.

    So excited for you guys!!

  4. Thanks Jill. Liam likes that one too. It's the easiest to find, so honestly that might be the deciding factor. :) Sorry about not getting your baby gift to you sooner. I thought I'd give it to Nicki to give to you, but it never worked out. We'll bring it by on Saturday if that's okay. I know it's difficult with Bryan gone. Let us know if you need anything. Take care and enjoy your time with little Colton.

  5. I like the first #1 I think the little animal are just so cute. I make me think of your beautiful baby.

  6. Thanks Megan. I love it too! I'm not as sold on the colors, but I think the animals are so cute!