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Monday, October 4, 2010

Pictures of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Again, I'm borrowing this post from the blog Journey to Mimi (

The first pictures I have are from Addis Ababa of the hotel, care center and pictures taken from the hotel of the city. The Union Hotel is where everyone stays because it literally shares a courtyard wall with the Care Center. *We've now been told that we will spend our first trip at the Jeremiah Guest House since it is closer to the court building and we will be able to avoid traffic, which from what we've been told, can be quite congested at times. I'll post pictures of the guest house in the next couple of days. We will be staying at the hotel, however, our second trip (when we get to bring our little one home).

And here is the Care Center (where our baby will be staying once he/she leaves Durame):

Notice in these pictures the scaffolding on the buildings. I have been told there is scaffolding all over Addis Ababa up tall buildings made out of what appears to be only sticks!

More pictures from the hotel:

One thing these pictures don't show is all the people in the city. Apparently, their is constantly people walking around, walking everywhere. One person posted that when the electricity came back on (it comes and goes) at 11pm one night, everyone on the streets cheered. Because even at 11pm at night there are people walking around outside. I have also seen pictures of people herding their animals through town, right in the middle of the street alongside the cars and buses and people!

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