Aidan Birhanu Miller Robinson

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

6 Weeks!

That's how long it's been since our referral for our oh-so-sweet and cuddly baby boy. How is it possible that we've managed to go about our daily lives without him with us? The first week, though we were so excited, the time seemed to be standing still as I would find myself looking at his picture hundreds of times throughout the day. It really has been a blessing having the Holidays to focus on, though it's very difficult to think that we are missing our son's first Thanksgiving and Christmas. I just wish we had a court date assignment...something tangible to look forward to. I've decided that that's how the adoption process goes. You get exciting news and then you WWWWWWAAAAAAIIIIIITTTTTTT, and without something to keep you busy, it's easy to become depressed and a bit crazy :). Usually, I opt for shopping for Aidan to keep me busy and so far Liam has been surprisingly understanding. That brings me to my second point.....

We've picked out Aidan's bedding for his nursery!

DRUM ROLL PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(I know the suspense is killing you)


I had seen it over a year ago and just couldn't get it out of my head. I LOVE the colors and even though I liked some of the other choices, I kept coming back to the color scheme. The good news is that it's been discontinued, so I was able to purchase the 6 piece set for very cheap (I had bought the blanket a bit ago). The bad news is, IT'S BEEN DISCONTINUED! What was I thinking? I have looked all over, but with the exception of the blanket, 6 piece bedding set (includes comforter, sheets, bed skirt, bumper, valance and diaper stacker) and mobile (which I still have to purchase); I haven't been able to find any of the other accessories. BUMMER! I'm still looking for the rug, hamper, lamp and (*sniff*) canvas wall art. So, if you come across them anywhere, let me know and I will swoop down on them. I know that I can always substitute, and will probably have to, but I would love to have the complete set.


  1. That is so cute!!!Great choice:)

  2. Thanks Sara :). Are you guys starting to think about your nursery yet?