Aidan Birhanu Miller Robinson

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Some disappointing news...

I read on the yahoo forum that a fellow adoptive parent had emailed Stephanie (Assistant Director for the Ethiopian Program) yesterday because her husband has to travel overseas for 2 weeks at the beginning of January. She hadn't received a court date either (her referral was the day before ours) and asked if it would be safe for him to go. Unfortunately, she was told that the last of the court dates have been assigned and that they don't expect more court date assignments until sometime in December (making our court date probably sometime in February). This is because there are so many families traveling in the next few weeks and the Ethiopia staff is going to be so busy. She said the paperwork is being processed as usual but the reporting of the information may be delayed due to so many traveling families right now.

Bummer! We were really hoping to hear something soon and have a court date in January. Okay, change of plans! So, let's pray now that we have a court date assignment before Liam's birthday on December 14th (still secretly holding out for a late January court date~ please, oh please). It's hard to wait, but I keep reminding myself that God's timing is perfect. He has a plan in all the frustration and madness.

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