Aidan Birhanu Miller Robinson

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Onto next week...

Well, for my five faithful readers *LOL*, as you may have already suspected, we were not submitted to embassy yesterday. We still have nothing specific about our case, but there were a couple of cases similar to ours that were submitted. These cases have also gone through the added scrutiny and extra paperwork that I have mentioned. So, there is hope that we will be submitted soon.

As I suspected, we have been told not to rely on the previous timeline, because so many changes have gone into effect recently. This is doubly frustrating, because we have no idea when we'll move forward or what specifically is causing our case to not be submitted.

We continue to put our faith in God's judgement and feel that the changes being made to the Ethiopian program are positive. I'm sure once we have our son home, we'll feel even more convicted that these changes are for the best, not only for our children, but for the continuation of adoptions in Ethiopia. Right now, however, it's hard to think beyond our heartache. We want our little boy home so badly and every day that passes is one more reminder that he's not with us. I wonder what he's doing now. My niece is starting to crawl. Is he? Oh, how I love my baby boy.


  1. I though I would share my daily devotional with you today. I read it thought of you.

    Once as I walked along the road on a steep hill, I caught sight of a boy on a bicycle near the bottom. He was pedaling uphill against the wind and was working very hard. Just as he was exerting his greatest effort and painfully doing the best he could, a streetcar, also going up this hill approached him. It was not traveling fast so the boy grabbed the rail at the rear, and you can guess the result. He went uphill effortlessly as a bird gliding through the sky.
    I am like that boy on the bicycle in my weariness and weakness. I am pedaling uphill again all kinds of oppositions and am almost worn out with the task. But nearby there is a great power available-the strength of the Lord Jesus. All I must do is get in touch with Him and maintain communication with Him. And even if I grab hold with only one little finger of faith, it will be enough to make His power mine to accomplish the act of service that now overwhelmes me.

    I know it must have been really hard not to hear anything this week. I hope that next week will bring you good news!


  2. Thank you so much, Kristel. This is exactly what I needed. In all the frustration and disappointments with this adoption and with issues at my work, I often times forget that I need to give everything over to Christ. He is there to sustain and strengthen me, and I know that Our Heavenly Father is teaching me a lesson in all of this.

    We'll look back on the last few months and laugh one day. I am so thankful for a Savior that continues to patiently and gently teach me what He would have me know.