Aidan Birhanu Miller Robinson

Friday, April 22, 2011

What's in a name? Everything!

We got a copy of Aidan's birth certificate and our court decree yesterday. We've known that we are legally his parents for the last month and a half, but it's nice to finally see it in writing. He also has a new name (well, until we officially change it again *LOL*)! Our son is now B(Ethiopian name) Mark Robinson. Too funny! It's traditional for children in Ethiopia to be given their father's names. There's something about this step that makes it all seem more real. He's ours and we are his. He has our last name. We're imprinted upon each others' hearts.

As I was feeling out more paperwork last night (changes to the embassy requirements = more paperwork for the parents), it struck me that this is the first set of forms that I've filled out where I've written his last name the same as our's. It was a really special moment.

Well, off to get more paperwork notarized and overnighted before the bank and post office closes. We're one step closer...maybe baby steps, but we're on our way to bringing our little guy home.


  1. this really is exciting...something about having the birth certificate makes it so real...thank you for sharing this incredible journey....

  2. It is more real for both Liam and me now. I just wish that our embassy submission would get here. I hate being in limboland. :)